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Women, blacks, Asians and Hispanics have built up substantial positions as business owners in several sectors of the U.S. economy. But based on revenue, those businesses are on average considerably smaller than white- or male-owned firms, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of recently

Business Taxes Businesses come in all sizes — from large multinational corporations to sole proprietorships. This page has the information you need to fulfill your business tax obligations to the Commonwealth.

Women Entrepreneurs have excelled experienced businesspeople in some of the most difficult to manage and run businesses! Let’s know about small business ideas for women entrepreneurs in today’s world!

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Article on the history and contemporary characteristics of Asian small businesses, self-employment, and entrepreneurship, including why Asians open their own businesses and the issues and conflicts that they face with many of …

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The Small Business Administration (SBA) is a United States government agency that provides support to entrepreneurs and small businesses.The mission of the Small Business Administration is “to maintain and strengthen the nation’s economy by enabling the establishment and viability of small businesses and by assisting in the …

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Page 1 Frequently Asked Questions about Small Business September 2012 Small businesses comprise what share of . the U.S. economy? Small businesses make up:

All over the developing world women have successfully made it in business. But they are a small group of women —only 30 percent of formal small and medium enterprises (SMEs) around the world are owned and run by women.

Women’s enterprise and entrepreneurship facts and statistics are listed here. This is a useful resource for journalists, researchers and students.

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A statistical overview of women in management in Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Japan, the United States, and globally.

Certification Overview Certification is a review process designed to ensure that a small business is actually owned, controlled, and operated by the applicants.

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