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The Fanner and Shootin’ Shell Cap Guns by Mattel.

Vintage Mattel Toy 96

The Cap Guns by Mattel including Fanners, Toy Thompson Machine Guns, toy Tommy Gun, and Tommy Burst Machine cap guns and shot the Greenie Stick ’em Caps.

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Vintage Mattel Toy 31

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This list of vintage toy manufacturers starts in the mid 1800s and continues into present day. This list included Marx, Schoenhut, Hasbro and many more.

Vintage Mattel Toy 68

Vintage Mattel Toy 45

A Mattel Fanner 50 toy gun and belt. This great vintage 1950’s Fanner 50’s Shootin Shell Cap Gun, features a real cowhide gun belt and shells. from

Done Your Homework on Old Mattel Toys? Buying old Mattel toys is unlike any many types of antique collecting because the toys abound and as compared to many other antique or vintage related items can be readily found.

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Dallas Vintage Toys is a toy store in the 635/Skillman area of Dallas TX that buys, sells, and trades toys from the 1960s to present-day including ’80s toy lines like vintage Kenner Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, and He-man as well as modern collectible toys from Hot Toys, SideShow Collectibles, Marvel Select, Marvel Legends, DC Universe, …

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