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Anyone can write a product review, and everybody reads them. But can you trust them? I refer, of course, to reader or user reviews, the kind you find on Amazon,, Epinions, PC World, Yelp, and even the sites of tech product manufacturers, such as Dell. They’re everywhere. But it’s the

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Wizzair Veteran Speaks Out // November 30th, 2010 // 36 Comments » // Uncategorized I will paraphrase the beginning of this message because I think the context can be applied to all positive comments that miraculously find their way to our holy shrine dedicated to the customer service that is Wizzair.

Consumer advocacy site helping passengers and employees of United Airlines maintain their rights

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When you’re planning any kind of party or event for your clients, keep one overriding imperative at the top of your priority list: Make sure it doesn’t suck. The stated purpose of a client event might be to celebrate a holiday, recognize a milestone together, or simply say thank you for their

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Not sucky, but more when a customer is not firing on all cylinders

The Customer Service Phone Number 8.23.2007. Looking for the customer service phone number? Wait! Before you read any more, I wanted to let you know that I’ve been doing a little more trading with Amazon.

Scheduled THIRD visit for install from 3-5pm, they give ZERO notice that they moved it to 12-2pm and told they’re on way at 12:15pm, got into a VERY expensive Lyft ride from San Francisco (office) to suburbs (home) and they would not waitFUCK YOU COMCAST!

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Demoing products is Rob Falcone’s bread and butter. Now he wants to pass the wisdom of his experience along so others can demo better.

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